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for more diverse hiring outcomes

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Belonging. Justice.


As a recruiter, I’ve struggled for years with a conundrum:


Why is there so much talk about these urgent issues …


 … yet so little actual progress diversifying hiring outcomes?


And what can I do about that?

My answer: Unbias Your Hiring training.


For me, it began with a startling realization.


The realization that LinkedIn, by far the dominant recruiting tool, has a massive bias problem. Systemic bias is baked right into LinkedIn’s core algorithm.


If we want to change hiring outcomes, we need to change how we use LinkedIn.


That’s what my Unbias Your Hiring training does. It trains recruiters in advanced sourcing methods that cut against LinkedIn’s default biased structure. It enables them to reach more diverse talent, so their employers can get more diverse hiring outcomes.


Ready to #SayLessDoMore and #UnbiasYourHiring? Contact me, and let’s talk.

Watch my one-minute Unbias Your Hiring pitch at the StartingBlock Social Impact Pitch Competition:



Watch my 4-minute Let’s Talk About #UnbiasYourHiring commentary, about LinkedIn’s systemic bias problem:


Read or download my Unbias Your Hiring training presentation summary:

Let's unbias your hiring, and diversify your hiring outcomes.


Contact me to discuss bringing this training to your organization.

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