I have spoken to groups on career and employment topics at:



  • The Harvard Alumni Association

  • Columbia Business School

  • The University of Wisconsin

  • The Illinois Housing Council

  • The National Black MBA Association

  • The Latino Professionals Association

  • The Institute for Career Transitions

  • The CFA Society

To discuss booking me for a speaking engagement:

(608) 616-5165


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ask the recruiter

Ask the Recruiter is my most requested keynote about job search and career advancement.

There is so much confusion and misunderstanding (and often, frustration and even panic) around how to look for jobs, and how to manage our careers for upward mobility.


Too often, our search for opportunities faces a demoralizing “wall of silence.”

As an executive recruiter, I’ve spent years behind that “wall of silence,” working with hiring decision-makers and gatekeepers. I know their thinking, behaviors and processes.


I love sharing those secrets, to guide people past the hiring “wall of silence” to reach their career goals.


That’s what my Ask the Recruiter keynote is all about.

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Its purpose is ... 

  • To expose poorly understood ways recruiting and hiring processes work.

  • To empower people with insights and self-confidence to navigate their job search or career advancement goals.

  • To educate people about how to build productive relationships with recruiters, to get more career opportunities.