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Executive Director,
Regional Planning


Location: Madison, Wisconsin

The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC) is an independent governmental agency coordinating planning and development among municipalities in Dane County, Wisconsin (the county where Madison, the state capital, is located).


CARPC develops and promotes regional plans, provides objective information, and supports local planning efforts. 

CARPC is seeking an experienced and visionary Executive Director to lead its team and drive its mission forward.

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  • The Executive Director of the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission is responsible for overall leadership of the Commission, including strategic direction; promoting implementation of the Regional Development Framework; team management; and financial oversight. The Executive Director serves as the public face and voice of the Commission, elevating its visibility and influence on regional planning and development.

  • The Executive Director manages a team of planning, environmental resources, and administrative professionals, currently 8 FTE (September 2023).

  • The Executive Director works closely with a diverse group of stakeholders, including commissioners, Commission staff, government agencies, community leaders, private sector partners, and residents to shape the future of Dane County, Wisconsin through effective regional planning and development initiatives.

Key External Responsibilities Include:

  • Strategic Leadership.

  • Advocacy and Public Relations.

  • Policy Development and Collaboration.

Key Internal Responsibilities Include:

  • Team Management.

  • Commission Support.

  • Budget, Financial, and Administrative Management.

  • Compliance.

Qualifications Sought:

  • Proven executive leadership and team management experience, preferably in a regional planning commission or related organization.

  • Visionary thinking and a commitment to sustainable regional development.

  • Strong understanding of regional planning, environmental resources planning, land use, transportation, and infrastructure development.

  • Experience securing grant funding to grow programs and organizational capacity.

  • Knowledge of local and regional government structures and processes.

  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain effective partnerships and collaborations.

  • Experience in budget management, financial oversight, and general organizational administration.

  • Excellent public speaking, interpersonal, communication, and negotiation skills.

  • Bachelor's degree in Urban Planning, Public Administration, Environmental Studies, Business Administration, or a related field preferred. Master's degree preferred. Alternative backgrounds will be considered.


For more information:

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