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One of the joys of my work is getting to meet talented and fascinating people every day, and helping them reach their career goals.

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Here is what a few of them have said about working with me:

Peter coached me through job interviews at a time when I was already a very busy CEO. I wanted to give the interviews my all without shortchanging my job. With Peter's help, I got my dream job. How he analyzed the situation on day one turned out to be completely on point. I can't imagine going through an executive search without this kind of coaching, and have recommended it strongly to friends who are looking to step up to senior positions.

- Steve, CEO

I highly recommend Peter Gray for coaching and job search assistance. I had been looking for a new position for almost a year when Peter and I started working together.  It was exactly what I needed at just the right time. It was so helpful to have an objective, experienced professional to talk to and provide me with feedback. It helped build my confidence, focus my job search and determine the next step in my career.  Within 2 months, I had 3 final interviews and 2 job offers. Peter worked with me through the entire process and helped me negotiate an $8,000 sign-on bonus!  Peter has a gift for providing clear, actionable feedback that gets results. His insight was invaluable and his approach was caring and supportive. I'm so grateful I had him in my corner, challenging and encouraging me through the stressful process of making a career transition.

- Jenni, chief HR officer

I had been looking for a better position in my field for 10 years, but never seemed to do well in interviews.  After seeing Peter's brilliant videos, I signed up for coaching sessions.  A few weeks later, I had the best job offer of my career.

- Melissa, veterinary pathologist



My consultation and coaching with Peter was invaluable! I am a mid-career professional who has held multiple positions prior to my current role. I didn't realize how little I knew about interviewing until talking with Peter. His advice was catered to me as an individual and my personal situation. He was able to provide creative and thoughtful guidance that ultimately fueled my confidence during the interviewing process. Happily this translated into the job offer of a lifetime. For many veterinarians, there is a large hole where the interviewing skillset belongs. I believe Peter's expertise will help both those in the early phases of their career and anyone looking to make a transition.

- Shawn, veterinary pathologist

Peter's background as a recruiter opens the door to real insights regarding how to successfully position yourself for hiring managers.  His feedback is succinct and actionable.  Highly recommend.

- Richard, management consultant

Peter's sincere enthusiasm for finding the right jobs for the right people is remarkable and refreshing, especially when job searches can be so exhausting for everyone involved! He brings genuine devotion to his work. You will always want Peter in your corner after working with him.

- Shannon, project manager

Peter allowed me to gain new perspective on my application process, guiding me to focus on what truly makes me unique. As a new grad in the middle of her job search, Peter pushed my boundaries to answer questions that I would not normally ask myself.

- Sanam, recent university grad

Peter gave me a boost in confidence, focused direction, and targets to aim for. I feel more prepared for my job search!

- Lindsay, educator

Peter offered perceptive, careful, and actionable analysis of my materials. Already after one hour, I felt better equipped to tackle the daunting recruitment process!

- Chris, MBA student

Pete has been the advocate, supporter and coach behind my career successes and many others that graduated with us from grad school. 

- Ethan, aviation executive

Peter was incredibly helpful while I was preparing for banking interviews. It was evident he was extremely knowledgeable of the field and he gave me great insight into the interview process. I will definitely be using the tips he shared while walking me through an interview! 

- Christine, college student

My coaching sessions was insightful and productive. Peter was helpful and enthusiastic about the job-finding process.

- Chelsea, human services



The hours I spent working with Peter were quite honestly the most productive hours of my year so far!

- Lindsay, ex-CIA operative

Each of us is on a unique journey to fulfill a personal mission, in our career and in life.

Can I help you on yours?

Sign up for coaching, or share your comments below. Working together, let's craft a winning plan for you to reach your career goals.

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