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leadership succession

For boards of directors, there is no greater fiduciary responsibility than securing your organization's future by hiring the right leadership.


Selecting a chief executive carries distinct stresses, challenges and risks beyond the hiring of other executives. The chief executive will personify the organization’s identity, define its agenda, and determine its success for years to come. The leadership recruiting process requires board alignment around a common vision for the organization’s future, and exposes any fault lines.


In my experience guiding diverse organizations through 35 leadership successions, the selection decision between two finalist candidates usually comes down to a choice between continuity or change, reflecting the board’s consensus view of the current health and needs of the organization. 

CEO placements anchor

chief executive placements

  • Executive Director at multiple nonprofit social services agencies

  • Executive Director of a statewide LGBTQ+ advocacy organization

  • Executive Director of a faith congregation

  • Executive Director of a regional planning commission

  • Executive Director of an affordable housing nonprofit (twice)

  • Executive Director of a county housing authority

  • President of a statewide public/private affordable housing developer (CFO also hired)

  • Managing Director at an impact investment fund

  • Executive Director at a nonprofit entrepreneurship hub
  • Executive Director of a statewide early childhood nonprofit

  • President of a civic advocacy and economic development organization

  • Executive Director of a nonprofit managing pooled trusts for people with disabilities

  • Executive Directors of environmental stewardship / land trust nonprofits

  • Executive Director of a regional food bank

  • Executive Director & CEO of a performing arts nonprofit

  • Executive Director of an arts and culture nonprofit

  • 2 CEOs of state industry associations

  • President & CEO of a national professional training and certification organization
  • 2 CEOs of national pharmacy cooperatives

  • CEO of a regional chapter of a national nonprofit supporting disease victims and families

  • 4 Presidents of multi-branch community banks (2 promoted from COO/CFO)

  • CEO of a health insurance carrier (promoted from CFO)
  • CEO of a publishing & media company

  • CEO of a law firm with 100+ attorneys

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